Teaching European History in the 21st Century

Primary source collection

TEH21 has produced an online collection of selected primary sources in the original language and English translations, clustered around the topics of the handbook The European Experience. A Multi-Perspective History of Modern Europe, 1500–2000. These sources form a valuable resource for teachers and students to apply the knowledge from the textbook and deepen their understanding of the themes discussed. All primary sources mentioned in The European Experience are available in this collection, but there is also a wealth of additional sources prepared for seminar discussions and assignments. The teaching guide offers examples of how to use this resource in class. The collection, divided into the textbook’s seven units, is hosted on Historiana.eu and can be used with all the tools available on this platform:

Unit 1: Identities

Unit 2: Societies

Unit 3: Power and Citizenship

Unit 4: Knowledge

Unit 5: Economy

Unit 6: Living with Difference

Unit 7: Cultural Encounters