Teaching European History in the 21st Century


The Russian Revolution and the emancipation of women: a multiperspective history

The TEH21 project is based on the idea of “multiperspectivity”.[1] In this blog, Kim Ligtenberg applies this concept to the history of the Russian Revolution.   In 2017, Russia was celebrating. It had been a hundred years since the famous March and November (O.S. October) uprisings, which later became known as the Russian Revolution (1917).[2]…

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What is multiperspectivity?

By Kim Ligtenberg. The teaching material produced over the course of the TEH21 project is rooted in the notion of “multiperspectivity”. This blog discusses the most important aspects of this concept and how it relates to history education.   In 2007, the Dutch Ministry of Education decided that the national history teaching had to be…

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