Teaching European History in the 21st Century


Who we are

Teaching European History in the 21st Century (TEH21) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in Higher Education, bringing together experts in the fields of European history, innovative didactic methods, and the development of innovative teaching materials from seven countries (Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands).

The focus of this transnational project is the collaborative development of English-language teaching material for courses in early modern, modern and contemporary European history that allows Higher Education Institutions to internationalise their curriculum.

The project ran over three years (2019-2022) and was funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices).


What we do

TEH21 has produced innovative teaching material based on textual, visual and audiovisual sources created by international author teams. All outputs are open access and free to use:

(1) An open access textbook that reflects the multiperspectivity of European history, covering transnational developments and networks in early modern, modern and contemporary history. The chapters are written collaboratively by international teams of authors from the participating academic partner institutions to ensure a truly European perspective.

(2) A collection of online lectures functioning as introduction to the units of the open access textbook.

(3) An online collection of selected primary sources in the original language and English translations, clustered around important themes in European history. The primary sources mentioned and described in the textbook will be made available in the form of online source collections, in their original form and in English translation.

(4) A best-practice and teaching guide to the use of the above-mentioned outputs in the international classroom. This digital volume is based on the experiences of testing the outputs by international teacher teams in structured learning activities that formed part of this project.

The close integration of all outputs creates a blended learning environment giving teachers and learners an innovative and unique resource to create tailor-made lesson plans for internationalised curricula in European history.